The Concept

A long table dinner night where the focus is on the conversation and not just the food.

—  COnvo —

The purpose of Convo is to create understanding and connection through the joy of conversations.

You may have heard the term the fourth wall, a theatre concept that defines the relationship between audience and performance. The audience behind the conceptual fourth wall passively witnesses a story unfold, a position often represented in our current lives. At concerts or talks we give over our senses yet we are not truly involved. We watch the news but have little ability to get first-hand understanding. However interactive, our phones only allow us to communicate at a distance. In politics increasingly simplistic ideas are drawing people to the extreme right and left. 

In such times it is even more important to have an insight into each other's ideas and philosophies and to find common ground. Looking overseas we can witness warm interactions over feasts at communal tables where connections are made and culture is celebrated, a concept largely absent from mainstream Australia.

Combining these ideas led to Convo, based on a common desire to meet other like minds, have real conversations, and expand our communities. We understand that Convo is not for everyone but we hope that you will be intrigued enough by the concept to join us to feast, laugh, and ponder topics at one of our fun and thought-provoking dinners in the near future. 


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