Curated Conversations. Convo Dinners. Long table dinner events in Melbourne and Sydney.

—  WHat is Convo—

Curated Conversations.

 Good conversations can be hard to find. Convo brings together like minds to discuss topics which aren't regularly had in our daily lives. The hope of the evenings is to achieve a quiet satisfaction which is often only brought upon by amusing conversation.

—  What to expect —

Anything but small talk.
Your level on involvement in discussion is purely up to you. Having a formed opinion on the topics discussed is completely optional, however everyone is encouraged to listen, ask questions, offer diverse input and even respectfully disagree. Topics range from ethics and politics to joyful anecdotes and culture.

 On each table will lay six cards, these feature the questions for the evening. During the night approximately three courses will be served with two questions discussed per a course. 


—  on the night —

Rediscover the art of good conversation.

There will be up to 30 guests across tables seating six to eight people within a private dinning room. Places are not allocated and you may sit where you like, however we kindly ask you not move again once seated. Your ticket includes admission and a three course meal but please remember to bring cash to purchase drinks from the waitstaff.

 Although Convo events are hosted, there is no one host on the individual tables so please introduce yourself and all take turns in leading the discussion. The evening will run for approximately 2.5 hours however you are welcome to continue after as long as the venue allows.