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Convo. Three courses, six questions, one evening.

You step into a softly lit warehouse in Melbourne’s hidden streets, as you enter you are handed a Starward cocktail and begin to settle into the evening. Your peers arrive and the room warms with a quiet laughter and curious musings. After half an hour of mingling you are ushered to your seats where question cards await you. The music softens and the hum of conversation begins.

This is the world of Convo. It only exists for a few nights a year, and this time it’s appeared just for you.

This evening has been designed for your community, you’ve brought together minds to discuss topics you don’t often get the chance to. Your industry is changing fast, you’ve known people from afar for many years and you’re intrigued by their thoughts, but tonight is the night that you have all come together finally for a meeting of minds to connect, share, laugh and finally be still.

For a moment you are able to see into someone’s mind and discover the person beyond their professional persona. At the end of the night you lean back and relax into your chair, your stomach is full, mind illuminated, and a warm smile comes across your face. You’ve gathered everyone to enjoy life’s most important things. Food, friends and good chat.

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Every bespoke Convo experience includes:

  • Consultation and curation of the experience and discussions.

  • Exclusive venue access from 6.30pm - 11pm.

  • A three-course meal provided by social enterprise Charcoal Lane.

  • A Starward cocktail upon arrival for each guest.

  • Additional drinks from our premium suppliers: Kooks Wine, Sample beer and Capi soft drinks.

  • Staff hire including chefs, wait and bar staff.

  • Equipment hire and cleaning fees including tables, chairs, crockery, cutlery, glassware, food equipment and linen.

  • Printing and design of question cards and menus featuring your organisation’s information if desired.

We currently hold private events for a min. of 24 to upwards of 100 guests.

Download our private events booklet for more information on costs, menus and approach to creating your own boutique Convo experience.

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