Corporate team building activities and executive dining

Unique dining experiences in Melbourne where conversation is the central focus. Convo aids in building workplace communities, creating high performing teams, and facilitating psychological safety so that we can bring our full selves to work.

All scientifically designed to decrease staff churn rates and increase cohesion, productivity, and innovation. Every element and interaction of the evenings has been a/b split tested to uncover the best format that allows for people to open up, relax and profoundly bond.

Three courses, six questions, one evening. Good chat.


Larger groups

31 - 84 people

Inner city warehouse location

Premium menu


Intimate dining

13 - 30 people

Private studio or gallery

Deluxe menu


Executive dining & staycation

6-12 people

Overnight in a Victorian townhouse

Deluxe menu


Our corporate team building experiences are purposely designed, tested and refined to maximise conversational engagement. Everything from the lighting, table size, wait staff interaction, sound levels, event space, table settings, question wording and order, and pre event communications all plays a role in how we have good conversations. And our results speak for themselves:

90% opened up and shared more about themselves than they thought they would.

80% of attendees either changed their opinion or are deep in thought on at least one topic after an event.

90% of attendees indicated they felt more bonded to each other after the Convo experience.

95% of attendees to our public events want to come to a Convo again.

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I went into the experience with a healthy dose of scepticism but I was gladly convinced that Convo gets at the good and important things. The dining table is a sacred space and Convo reinforces that.
— Mathew Bate, Matters Journal

How it works

You step into a softly lit warehouse in Melbourne’s back streets, as you enter you are handed a Starward cocktail and begin to settle into the evening. Your team arrives and the room warms with a quiet laughter and curious musings. After half an hour of mingling, you are ushered to your seats where six question cards await you.

The music softens and the hum of conversation begins. This is the world of Convo. It only exists for a few nights a year, and this time it’s appeared just for you.

You are seated at tables of six to eight people where two questions are discussed per course. These are purposefully crafted to reflect your team’s needs, values, and interests and every table has the same topics. Together these questions form a conversational arc, with each one designed to play its own role in an illuminating journey into the night.

For a moment you are able to see into your colleague’s mind and discover the person beyond their work persona. At the end of the night you lean back and relax into your chair, your stomach is full, mind illuminated, and a warm smile comes across your face. You brought everyone here tonight to celebrate life’s best elements: food, friends and good chat.


Watch the video of our private invite-only event for Pause Fest and Tiny CX’s VIPs.

Questions themed around technology and ‘the intimate future’.

Every corporate team building event includes:

Consultation and curation of the experience and discussions. Purposefully crafted topics to aid with team building.

Exclusive venue access just for you and your team.

A three-course meal provided by social enterprise Charcoal Lane - every meal eaten helps raise money for charity.

A Starward cocktail upon arrival for each guest.

Additional drinks from our premium suppliers: Kooks Wine, Sample beer and Capi soft drinks. 

Staff hire including chefs, wait and bar staff.

Equipment hire and cleaning fees including tables, chairs, crockery, cutlery, glassware, food equipment and linen. 

Printing and design of question cards and menus featuring your organisation’s information if desired.

In a world where we ‘connect’ rather than talk, and the word ‘sharing’ is all about pictures and status updates, Convo doesn’t just feel like a nice thing to do, it feels like a necessity
— Convo attendee

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